Covid-19 protocol


We are preparing ourselves to respect the official protocol to guarantee the safety of our guests and staff. We always gave particular attention to cleanliness using disinfectants and we will also adopt new procedures, like disinfecting door handles, remote controls and light switches.

Stefania followed the healthcare company course to be the person in charge during the Covid-19 emergency and she will instruct our staff.

There is some limitation about the use of the lift as only guests from the same room can use it.

In the communal areas you will have to wear the face mask, you can only remove it once sitting by your table.

We will have to eliminate the buffets; we will serve you everything directly to your table so we can assure you a pleasant meal.

We regret to inform that it is not possible to use the wellness area, because of the microclimate it is too difficult to guarantee the disinfections.

Small attentions, like washing frequently your hands (preferring the use of the bathroom in your room and gels), the use of the face mask and the social distancing of at least one metre between people, will help us all to be more serene so you can spend a pleasant holiday between our beautiful mountains.

If you require more detailed information you can call or write us, we will be happy to clarify any doubt you might still have!