Ciaspolata nei boschi della Val di Fassa

Excursions with Snow Rackets

Friday 12th January 2018

This winter season in Val di Fassa it has snowed on many occasions creating ideal conditions for tranquil excursions with snow rackets, also known in Italy as "ciaspole". These special tools, worn over your boots, let you walk on top of fresh snow without sinking too much and on ice without slipping.


Walikng with the "ciaspole" in the snow.


Fresh snow, sun and adventure awaits you!


For many centuries snow rackets were the only way to move about during winter, they where a simple but necessary device, but in the modern era they have become obsolete.

During the last few years these tools were rediscovered as a sport, also thanks to new materials that have made them lighter and more resistant. There are many sporty people that use them for their winter excursions on the mountains and in the woods to experience the stunning alpine landscapes.

In Val di Non at the begining of January there is the  “Ciaspolada” which is a running race that attracts thousands of athletes from all over the world, for the past 45 years this has been the main event dedicated to this sport!



The forests of Val di Fassa during winter


Those who stay in our hotel can avail of an offer in collaboration the alpine guides of Sport Check Point, which allows all of our guests, both athletic and beginners, to experience the adventure accompanied by an alpine guide. An alternative to skiing, a different way of discovering the mountains of Val di Fassa, in complete safety.

Each week there are excursions of different difficulty and length organised for a special price reserved to our guests, which also includes the rental of the "ciaspole" and the poles!

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