Easter and traditions of Val di Fassa - la Pechenèda

Easter and traditions of Val di Fassa - la Pechenèda

Sunday 25 March 2018

Every year in Val di Fassa baskets of painted eggs await the contenders of the Pechenèda. An ancient tradition, dating back to medieval times, long before today's chocolate eggs existed, where adults and children challenge each other by trying to break each others hard boiled eggs. Whoever has the strongest egg wins!

Cul o piz? This is the question that  the contestant asks before the game begins, from the top or the bottom of the egg? The rule is easy; one holds his egg still while the other hits it with his, starting on one side and then on the other, whoever at the end has their egg still intact gets to keep or wins the egg of the contender. If you have a particularly strong egg you could bring home dozens of eggs for Easter lunch!

This is an ancient tradition where an easily accessible product for the farmers would become the highlight of Easter day. In every house there were coloured boiled eggs to entertain the guests. The most enthusiastic people would have their "lucky" egg in their pocket hoping to win... others would use tactical tricks: it's said that a boy of Campitello stole his mother's sewing wooden egg and painted it to be able to win everything!

This is a fun tradition that we here in Hotel Alpi also like to keep alive. 

Bona Pechenèda a duc!