SUMMER 2024 --> Wellness area closed for expansion and renovation.

Wellness Hotel. Pampered and regenerated.


There is nothing better after a long day at work, to be welcomed by the warmth of home.

It is from this unique sensation that our small wellness centre is inspired, ready to welcome you after a day of fun on the slopes or a mountain hike. We provide a spa offer to assist your total relaxation.

Finnish sauna (80°–110°)

With the dry heat of the Finnish sauna, stress seems to melt away from the body. Afterwards you should take a quick cold shower to bring back all of your energy in true Finnish style!

Roman Sauna (65°–80°)

This ancient treatment of roman origin, with detoxifying and purifying properties, pleasantly warms the body stripping away toxins and stress. Follow it with a cold shower to fully regenerate.

Steam Room (65°–80°)

A marvelous mix of heat and steam, a multisensory experience thanks to the natural aromatic oils, it will relieve stress and leave you
with soft and hydrated skin.

Cold Fog (5°–6°)

Jets of atomized cold water will tone and refresh the body like morning dew, great to reactivate the blood circulation.


Dressing gown for rent € 10 per week

Slippers € 3