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Escursione Col Rodella, Val Duron in Val di Fassa

 Classic excursion: Col Rodella | Sassopiatto | Val Duron

Saturday 5th August 2017

View of Sassolungo

The Sassolungo in all its beauty!


-4 hour walk-

-Difficulty: medium-

This high altitude excursion will allow you to admire our spectacular Dolomites up close: with an “easy” start, thanks to the cable car from Campitello – Col Rodella (8.30am-5.30pm – € 11 one way), you can reach the top of Col Rodella (2.400 metres) whilst sparing yourself a lot of energy.

Rifugio Friedrich August

The Rifugio Friedrich August

From here you may descend quite quickly within 10 minutes or so to the Rifugio Friedrich August, named after the Saxon prince who visited the Dolomites back in the 19th Century. After one hour, along an easy and panoramic pathway, you reach the Rifugio Pertini. Here you may enjoy a relaxing break, to take photos of the many beautiful edelweiss dotted around the fields or have a drink - you can then take yourself back on track towards the Malga Sasso Piatto.


Rifugio Pertini

Arrival at Rifugio Pertini

This part of the path, carved into the dolomitic rock, is a little more challenging but with a bit of concentration it can be easily done by anyone!

After another hour you will reach the Malga Sasso Piatto where it is very likely that you will encounter some easy-going sheep and 'grigio alpina' cows.


Path towards rifugio Sassopiatto
The path towards Rifugio Sassopiatto, visible in the background are the Cime di Terrarossa

From here, any of the best trained hikers may continue along this path, reaching the Passo Duron (this variant will add 2.5 hours to the excursion).

 Cows on the Dolomites Cime di Terrarossa

Cows "Grigio Alpina" enjoying the sun!



360° view near the Rifugio Sassopiatto

For those less trained hikers you can begin your descent from the Malga Sasso Piatto towards the Rifugio Micheluzzi, along a forest trail that brings you through the woods. Once you reach this point you can then follow the forest trail of Val Duron back to Campitello. If you are feeling too tired to make it back by foot, there is aTaxi-Jeep service available from the Rifugio (7am -10am ; 12pm-1.45pm; from 4pm – cost 8 €).


map Col Rodella Val Duron

The excursion map


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